Student Laser Cutting

Fine detail cutting for an architectural model.

Fine detail cutting for an architectural model.

Laser cutting service for architecture/design students

We provide a discount laser cutting service* for students. We do regular work for students from UNSW, USYD, UTS, UWS, COFA and Lidcombe, Ultimo & Loftus TAFES, Whitehouse Institute and many more. We can either cut your material or supply our own – please see pricing below – note materials not listed here are subject to quoting (e.g. are not flat-rate):

It’s as easy as:

1) create your files to the specs below. Email them to us (sales at engraved dot com dot au)

2) we confirm price, check art and then cut your job

3) You pick-up or we send out by courier (sydney metro flat rate $13).


DISCOUNT STUDENT LASER CUTTING PRICING (flat-rate per sheet, prices include GST):

thickness size cutting only cutting and scoring/scribing
up to 2mm 600x400mm or A2 $25 $35
2mm-3mm 600x400mm or A2 $30 $40
3mm+                  simply add $10 for every extra mm of thickness eg to cut 600x400mm 6mm = $60

Note: QUANTITY DISCOUNTS USUALLY APPLY. We reserve the right to vary the price on extremely complex files, we will also quote very simple boards separately. Etching (not scoring) needs to be quoted.


DISCOUNT STUDENT MATERIAL PRICING (per sheet, prices include GST):

material size 1mm 2mm 3mm 6mm
plywood – CD Grade – luan/silkwood 600x400mm n/a n/a $5.00 POA
plywood – AB grade – hoop/kauri/beech 600x400mm n/a $29 $8.00 POA
MDF 600x400mm n/a n/a $3.00 POA
ECOWOOD (reduced formaldehyde MDF) 600x400mm n/a n/a POA POA
screen/mounting board (white) A2 $4.00 $5.00 n/a n/a
boxboard (grey) A2 $3.00 $4.00 $5.00 n/a
acrylic – clear (perspex) 600x400mm n/a $8.00 $8.00 $30.00
acrylic – white (perspex) 600x400mm n/a $10.00 $10.00 $35.00


Student Laser Cutting File Preparation Guidelines:

We only work with vector files (from CAD/Design programs, NOT BITMAPS). We prefer to work with PDF’s because they help eliminate incompatibilities between CAD/Design programs. We can redraw bitmaps for an extra fee if required.

  1. Size your document to the size sheet you want to use. Place a border in another colour if you wish.
  2. place your cutlines in RGB Red Strokes (R255G0B0, minimum line weight/hairline/0.1 points)
  3. place your scorelines in RGB Blue Strokes (R0G0B255, minimum line weight/hairline/0.1 points)
  4. make sure there is only one line present for a specific cut – ie make sure there are no lines laying over the top of each other (double lines) – the laser cuts every line present in the document that is the right colour, even if it is hidden under another line and this can turn your job into a smouldering mess – which we take no liability for.
  5. make sure all cut pieces have a finished size of over 0.7mm – we can’t guarantee anything under that size will work.
  6. do not put anything that you do not wish to be cut or scored in the file.
  7. name your files, including an identifier, the material & thickness if applicable in the filename – eg JoeBlo-MDF3mm-01.pdf, JoeBlo-MDF3mm-02.pdf etc.



*not for commercial use, educational use only. Student ID must be provided