cutting leather…

We have recently been laser cutting a lot of leather. Thick leather, thin leather, cow leather, sheep leather (sorry serial killers, we do not do human!), natural or coloured leather.

We also have had some awesome results engraving leather. We recently did tags for the Australian Farmer of the Year awards, and have done many jobs engraving compendiums, wallets, keytags and even iphone cases. In general engraving leather reveals a suede finish, it depends on the tanning process as to what the colour is. We can also do a light engrave on some light coloured leathers, which just darkens the top surface, leaving the ‘skin’ intact.

Leather cuts well but the edges hold a little bit of dusty soot which can generally be wiped off. So not great for wedding dresses, but perfect for panels, handbags, earrings, hair accessories etc, etc. Leather also holds the burnt protein smell, but it seems to fade within a couple of days.

So all you fashion designers, craft people, beltmakers, shoemakers, cobblers get cracking on your designs and bring it on!