Hi Luke


WOW!!!!! thank you sooooo much for the beautiful piece of art you sent me today. The finishes of the job are magnificent and it has turned out far better than I ever imagined.


I really appreciate the second print with the laser cut text, I think I even prefer it over the printed text which is good to know for next time!


Thanks again,



Thanks Luke. Got them this morning. They look great & we’re really happy with them.



I just want to send a ginormous thanks for all your assistance & in delivering a truly amazing finish to my designs… really wowed my teacher & fellow classmates – so be warned there may be a peak in engraved interest!!!


It was all due & handed in today. I shall forward some pictures when they are returned so as to demonstrate the versatility I found with laser cutting…


No doubt I will be in touch sooner rather than later

You’re a ******* champion mate – thankyou so much!!!!!

Hi Luke,


The client has got the glasses before the due date and he loves them. Thanks a lot for running this through for us!


Kind Regards


Hey Luke,

I have just received the awards and man they look awesome.

You have done a brilliant job, once again I really appreciate your efficiency and professionalism.

Thanks mate,


Hey Luke,


Molly’s award just arrived and it looks great, well done mate.


Thanks for your expertise.



Hey Luke,


Just wanted to thank you again for your work. They just opened it and they love it!


Cheers mate