What can we cut?

engraved.com.au provides laser cutting services to many different clients from diverse industry sectors – see below for some examples:

Perspex/Acrylic,  polypropylene and polyethylene signage, manufacturing & model-makers laser cut PE hinge for aluminium folder. laser cut acrylic sheet for signage lightbox.
Closed-Cell Foams like EVA packaging, promotional, electronics laser cut EVA inserts for high-end electrical components
Wood/Timber & Laminates cabinetmakers & joiners, crafts, model-makers laser cut inlay spruce for rosewood cabinet. laser cut
Fabric – Denim, Felt, Leather etc. garment makers, designers, model-makers laser cut felt shapes for craft supply. laser cut nylon panels for kite surfer
Paper, Cardboard model-makers, craft supplies, printers laser cut 1mm card for architecture student’s model. laser cut intricate stencil for local artist. laser cut scrapbooking supplies
Rubber manufacturers, prototypers. laser cut rubber gasket for prototype dive camera box