What can we engrave?

at engraved.com.au we can engrave, etch or mark just about anything!

YAG Engraving:

Materials: Natural & Anodised Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Brass, Copper & more.
Common products: Pens, Keyrings, Torches, Photo Frames, Travel Mugs, Dogtags, Clocks, Desk Items the list is endless!

So basically if it is metal we can engrave it. Whether it is raw metal – like a stainless steel travel mug or coated/painted/lacquered/anodised metal such as found on some metal pens & keyrings – we can provide a permanent, attractive mark for your logo or message.

CO2 Engraving:

Materials: Leather, Wood, Glass, Anodised Aluminium, Acrylic and other organic materials like rock, shell, leather, denim.

Common Products: Acrylic Frames, Glassware, Leather Coasters/Keyrings, Wooden Frames/Coasters/Keyrings/Pens/Chopping Boards

Create a novel promotional item or gift using CO2 engraving on a number of  unusual surfaces. Leaving a dark mark on wood and leather, a light mark on acrylic, glass or anodised aluminium, bleaching denim, or removing the ‘fuzz’ on poly fleece are all great examples of what can be done with CO2 laser engraving.

Post/Pre Processing:

engraved.com.au offers a number of post or pre treatments to get the look you require.

Oxidisation – offered for aluminium or brass items with a coating, oxidisation turns the base metal black. Oxidisation affects the top layers of atoms only and so can be removed via abrasion. Some brass is composed poorly and will not oxidise well, also some coatings are subject to crazing around the engraving so a pre-production sample is strongly recommended.

Black Paste – is applied pre-engraving – the laser ‘bakes’ on a black paste which is as tough as the surface it is applied to. Used by NASA for marking of space shuttle components, it is designed to withstand the rigours of not only space but everyday life. Black paste is not suitable for all metals/products and can vary in darkness on curved products. Again, pre-production samples are recommended for the best result.